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Solve / Coagula

Break and Rebuild

About a year after joining TST, I knew I was in it for the long run. I was ready for my first Satanic tattoo. But I am one of those Satanists who likes to slip under the radar. I’m not goth in my day-to-day life and, until now, any piercings and tattoos were easily hidden. People judging by my appearance alone would guess I’m a Christian. I did door-to-door sales for a bit, and I remember a kid yelling to their dad that “there’s a church lady at the door!”

I do so enjoy the surprise on folks’ faces when they find out the truth. Not because I like to offend, but because it defies all their expectations. I am one of the sweetest, most caring humans you’re likely to meet. I enjoy being a harbinger of reconsideration of preconceived notions.

So, I wanted to select a tattoo that could be clocked by other Satanists, but not by normies. I enjoy a 666 or a Goat of Mendes as much as the next guy, but I wanted something that, if asked by a normie, would still have a meaningful explanation without giving me away completely.

At the time, I was nearing the end of a terrible relationship. This person was a liar, cheater and gaslighter, and yet I had refused to let go for way too long. I knew that the end was near, I was just building my strength up to end it. I felt absolutely broken. I had experienced a devastating loss of self. My heart had been ripped to shreds and my brain was scrambled by chaos.

But I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it was beautiful. I could see that I was building myself back up, despite him, and that soon I’d be strong enough to walk away. I knew that I would make it to the other side, and that after him I would go on to be even stronger than I was before.

Not just in spite of, but BECAUSE of what he put me through, I was becoming a better person. I was going to be more myself, more whole, and I was never going to let this happen again. From then on, I would be a sovereign being who respected my own autonomy and protected it at all costs. I would become Satan.

If you are a Satanist, you are likely familiar with the Baphomet. While many Christians may see it and think “The Devil”, it has a much different meaning for us. I like to describe it as, “If a Yin-Yang fucked a Coexist bumper sticker”.

The entire image is about the reconciliation and balance of opposites. Male / Female. Man / Animal. As Above / So Below. And on the arms, distinctly pointing up and down, on most iterations of Baphy we see the words “Solve” (right arm, pointing up) and “Coagula” (left arm, pointing down).

I chose to emulate the Baphomet by tattooing these words on my arms. Satanists can spot it a mile away. But when asked by a normie, if I don’t feel safe giving them the Satanic explanation, I give them this one:

Solve means to break apart. To fall to pieces. The word “dissolve” comes from this.

Coagula means to come together. To bring into a whole. The word “coagulate” comes from this.

It refers to alchemy. Iron into gold. You must first break something down to its bare elements, before you can rebuild it into something better. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Like a Phoenix rising from its ashes. Like a sapling growing stronger in harsh wind. Like Muay Thai practitioners causing micro-fractures to strengthen their bones.

I got my tattoos and that shitty relationship did end. I did get strong enough to get myself out of it. I am stronger now, and I won’t let it happen again. I have become Satan. From then on, every trial has and will serve the purpose of making me even stronger. I will turn every loss of self into a gain of self. I will devour my tragedies and digest them into power. I will become invincible.

As we look around ourselves at our country, our world, it is easy to feel devastated. Everything has been taken from us. A deadly virus threatens our lives, our loved ones, our security, our futures.

Meanwhile, our cries for help, or even just to be heard, are met with lies, distortion and even mockery. They purposefully misunderstand us and rub their willful ignorance in our faces. They flaunt their willingness to burn down even their own lives in order to laugh at our pain. The gaslighting is unbearable and we sometimes feel as if we’ve been dragged into literal Hell. No fire or brimstone, just actual, ongoing psychological torture.

Our country is falling apart. Our world is falling apart. Our sanity hangs on by a thread.


You know what comes next.

Satanists, take heart. This is not the end. This is just the next step in our evolution. We are on the brink of rebirth, and birth is PAINFUL. We will be squeezed through unbearable pressure, yanked out by forceps and slapped on the ass. We will see blinding light and feel cold, cruel air. Smell harsh antiseptics, hear loud voices and incessant beeping.

And then we will take our first huge breath of air and cry our hearts out.

And begin.

We are on the verge of a new Age of Enlightenment. So many more people are aware and awake now, thanks to the horrible nightmare we’ve had to endure. Light is being shined into every dark corner, and the roaches are scattering. People are MAD. That’s good. Stay mad. Anger leads to action. The actions we are witnessing and taking part in WILL change our world.

The old ways are dead. The systems of the forefathers are a failure, and we will tear them down with sledgehammers and fire if we must. It's okay. It's necessary. Rip it all down. Throw it away. They don't serve us anymore. Probably never did.

The next generation of young people shows incredible promise, and I am so excited to see them grow. They are powerful. They are intelligent. They are GODLESS. And it is beautiful.

We have crumbled to dust and it has been excruciating. But it’s time to rebuild. Emerge from the rubble and create something even better than before.


Iron to Gold.

And Satanists are helping to lead the charge. Forward into a new, better world.

Believe it. We have to believe it. And we have to work for it. Don’t give up. We’re almost there.


(Disclaimer: I do not represent The Satanic Temple in any official capacity. These are my own personal thoughts and opinions, as an active official chapter member of TST.)


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